June 28, 2022


Aero HygenX’s regional efforts have been named as “key projects” by the Government of Canada at CHOGM 2022.

  • In both Zambia and Ethiopia, Aero HygenX’s UV-C technology is being deployed for the regular disinfection of airports and aircraft.
  • Trade Commission Service, which is part of Canada’s trade toolkit, plays an important role in guiding Canadian businesses abroad, especially nowadays in the context of global post-Covid economic recovery.
  • Broader agreements between Aero HygenX and African hospitality and healthcare sectors venues are pending.

June 28, 2022 – Ottawa: As part of the 2022 Commonwealth Business Forum which took place at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) last week in Kigali, Rwanda, the office of the Canadian Prime Minister Hon Justin Trudeau has announced a number of special initiatives and commitments aimed at supporting trade and economic progress in the Commonwealth countries of Africa.

Among the ongoing initiates selected for recognition, were those of Canadian UV-C technology company Aero HygenX. Aero HygenX was included for its efforts to restore tourism to Africa through business agreements that will bring safe consistent, cost-effective, and sustainable UV-C disinfection solutions to airports, airlines, and possibly additional hospitality venues and clinical settings.

“Aero HygenX is a proudly Canadian company committed to upholding the core values that bring the countries of the Commonwealth together. As such, having our projects in Africa shared with the world by our government at CHOGM 2022 is a distinct honour,” said Arash Mahin, CEO at Aero HygenX.

“Our key goals have always included bringing affordable UV-C disinfection technology to regions with lower vaccination rates to help with COVID-19 recovery. Restoring confidence in travel by implementing UV-C disinfection throughout the journey is a top priority for our partners in Africa and were very excited by the progress that’s been made. The Government of Canada has supported our work in Africa through its embassies in Ethiopia and Zambia and we are grateful for that,” he added.

Aero HygenX’s projects in the region include:

Zambia Airways: Zambian Airways has purchased Aero HygenX products to disinfect their aircraft and crew rooms on the ground. Also as part of the agreement, Aero HygenX will be working closely with the Zambia Airways Innovation Hub to optimize its products and use their facility as a sandbox for testing any future products.

Zambia Airport Corporation and Zambia’s Civil Aviation Authority: When finalized, this agreement will promote tourism for the country and provide a safe environment for visitors throughout their journey; from the aircraft to the airport and even in hotels and hospitals, thanks to regular UV-C disinfection. This public/private partnership will be a first of its kind and will provide a model for innovative post-pandemic recovery around the world.

Ethiopian Airlines:  Having completed aircraft testing and assessment, this partnership is now moving into the next phase of the agreement. Products are being deployed across the airline’s network to improve sustainability and on-time performance while restoring confidence in safe air travel.

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About Aero HygenX

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Aero HygenX is a technology company harnessing the power of Ultra-Violet (UV-C) light to develop safe, consistent, cost effective and intelligent disinfection solutions for use in a variety of industries, from transport to hospitality and medicine. Aero HygenX leverages smart technology, connecting it’s UV-C solutions to data sources for improved efficiency and superior safety, as well as to enable autonomous and remote operational features.

Aero HygenX was founded by a passionate team of executives with 80+ years of combined experience in safety, quality management, airline operations, software, electrical engineering, and electromagnetics.


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