powerful and portable


Kills 99,99% of bacteria and viruses

SparX is designed to work while you do.

Replacing costly chemical processes improves your ability to keep spaces safe. SparX continuously disinfects the air you breathe, and when it's time to disinfect the surfaces around you, simply take the cover off and in minutes SparX will sanitize all visible surfaces.

rapid uv-c disinfection tool

SparX thrives wherever pathogens are found

No matter which industry you work in, SparX is built and designed to serve your business sector to its fullest potential and provide immense value to your sanitation efforts

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SparX is built to reduce your overall expenditure through procedural standardization and the elimination of chemical disinfectant costs as well as the reduction of required labor.

Take the guesswork out of disinfection and trust the operational tracking, clear reporting and automatic optimization of UV-C exposure. Our proprietary feature, HygenX Stream allows you to sleep sound knowing your disinfection needs are being met.

How effective is SparX against bacteria?

SparX eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including chemical-resistant pathogens, for ultimate peace of mind protection.

our new proprietary technology

HygenX Stream
our new technology

SparX is equipped with our proprietary feature, HygenX Stream, that takes the guesswork out of disinfection through operational tracking, clear reporting and automatic optimization of UV-C exposure.

Cost Effective

SparX reduces labor requirements, saving you time and money no matter where you are located.

Reliable Results

SparX provides consistent no-touch sanitization of high-touch surfaces in minutes, killing 99.9% bacteria and viruses.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

SparX eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria for peace of mind against germs.


SparX is an eco-friendly, emission- and ozone-free solution that generates no operational waste.

No More Guess-Work

SparX is a stationary autonomous disinfection solution which takes the guesswork out of sanitization.

One-Time Purchase

SparX eliminates the need for recurrent purchase of costly chemical disinfectants and PPE.

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Our fleet of products kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

Scientifically proven to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses in both the air and surface within minutes. Tailored to suit your unique environment to maximize efficiency.

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