Protect teachers, staff and students from pathogens and help reduce absences and sick leave with our data-driven solution.

Our UV-C disinfection solutions have outperformed chemical agents without the risk of chemical exposure to staff and students. By eliminating 99.9% of common pathogens (including chemical-resistant pathogens) and a variety of common asthma triggers, you can create a safer space for all! Healthy teachers, staff and students mean fewer sick days taken and more quality time spent in the classroom. You can safely disinfect classrooms and hallways in minutes with a UV-C disinfection solution that leaves no residue and requires no area quarantine or additional ventilation, allowing you to use classrooms immediately after disinfection. Save time and money with fast, effective UV-C disinfection solutions from Aero HygenX.

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Safe for teachers, staff and students, safe for your investments

Our products can be used confidently to disinfect classrooms, equipment and modes of transportation without the risk of damaging material. Your students, faculty, and classrooms are safe with us! Our UV-C disinfection solutions have been proven to be non-damaging to interior surfaces, including natural and synthetic textiles, plastics, other polymers, and even electronics. SparX can even be used for continuous air disinfection during class time!

Go Green

Environmentally friendly, RAY and SparX disinfect with naturally occurring UV-C light. Our UV-C disinfection solutions produce no ozone, no fumes and leave no residue for a truly green clean.

Restore Confidence

Nip fears over pathogens in the bud with our innovative disinfection tracking system. By simply placing and scanning the unique QR code in the area designated for disinfection, visitors can then use the Aero HygenX app to scan the code and see the disinfection protocols and history of the space for themselves! Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Save Time

Streamline operational procedures for disinfection with Aero HygenX UV-C disinfection solutions. Allow staff to prioritize cleaning and save time with autonomous disinfection that minimizes service disruption for quick, efficient disinfection.

Save Money

Replace a costly, finite supply of hazardous chemical disinfectants with an infinite supply of eco-friendly, affordable and effective UV-C disinfection potential when you switch to solutions by Aero HygenX.

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"The safety and well-being of our customers and crew members is our top priority. Our partnership with Aero HygenX bolsters this commitment with the use of their innovative disinfection technology"

andrew levy

avelo chairman and ceo

"We are very excited to be able to offer safe, autonomous, UV-C disinfection technology to our extensive global network through this distribution agreement with Aero HygenX."

max schramm

lufthansa technik director

"Aero HygenX has global vision and advanced technology that's designed to improve health and safety as our industry gets back on track."

robert duffield

mhirj head of product support

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