Dear avgeek, we are offering you an opportunity to develop IoT Software with practical applications. Our technology is geared toward mitigating and minimizing travel risks during and beyond, the current pandemic. Your focus is building, enhancing, and maintaining an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that brings sensor technologies and complementary technology to the aviation and transportation industries.

You will work within an integrated team of experts to write, review, and debug code designed to support and maintain current and future software development. The ideal candidate needs to be confident and experienced in developing platform-based solutions that can be easily integrated with other software ecosystems through APIs.


  • Software Design and Documentation
  • Application Development (Primarily C++ and Python)
  • Web Development (JavaScript, Node JS)
  • DevOps

Preferred Qualifications

  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • UI-centric Approach and ability to work with database analytics & monitoring solution (i.e. REACT, Angular, Grafana)  
  • Experienced with embedded systems
  • Skilled in harvesting data from IoT devices and terms, make sense out of it
  • Highly experienced with C++, JavaScript and Python
  • Knowledge about ROS (i.e. ROS, ROS2, DDS)
  • Highly skilled with databases (i.e. Mongo, InfluxDB)
  • Knowledgable about IoT security architecture
  • Knowledge of GPS systems


  • Competitive base compensation
  • Flexible work policy (remote/office)

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